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Simple Weather Report Tool

Use this tool to create simple reports with the most commonly used instruments. Please note that this tool reports only on currently active instruments. For more advanced reports, a complete listing of all instruments, or if you would like to view historical data on inactive instruments, use the Custom Weather Report Tool.

Report Parameters
Step 2: Select date ranges to plot

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Step 1: Select instruments to plot and data resolution

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Available instruments


Simple Weather Report Tool Help

This tool is designed to allow quick access to some of the most commonly utilized plotting and exporting functions.

Available Instruments

Select which instruments you would like to plot/report.


Select between United States or Metric measurements.

Resolution and Reporting

Data resolution (monthly, daily, hourly, full) determines how accurate your report will be; however, higher resolutions may take significantly longer to plot.

You may also select to draw minimum, maximum, and average lines. If full resolution is chosen, only "average" will be available; in this case, it plots raw data.

Date Ranges

Select which date ranges you would like to plot by choosing from the calendar, typing in your own dates, or selecting from the quick pick list.

Select Report

Plot: Display your results in a plot in the lower section of this page.
View in table: View data points in a table within a popup window.
Export as TSV File: Download your data as a TSV file suitable for editing in a spreadsheet application.

Report Results