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Kevin Oberman's Weather Report page for LLNL has some information
and trend data that these pages do not.

Bay Area Weather

Livermore Weather (Las Positas College)
Golden Gate Weather
Wind Pattern
Radar Summary
Infrared Satellite Image
Forecast Discussion
National Weather Service SF Bay Area
Bay Area Air Quality Management District
Meteogram from Livermore Airport
Oakland Sounding
Skew T Plot - Oakland - Unisys

Meteorology Resources

Federal Meteorological Handbook
Meteorology FAQ Site
Online Meteorology Guide

Pollen Sites

Pollen Counts
Information and Definitions for Pollen
Pollen Information for Pleasanton

Other Weather Sites

Kennedy Space Center
The Weather Channel
Automated Weather Source
Other Weather Related

California ISO System Status
S.F. Bay Area Point Forecasts
S.F. Bay Area Radar
Livermore Airport Observations
U.S. Current/Forecast Weather Maps
Interactive Regional Observations Map
U.S. "RAWS" Observations
U.S. High Temperature & Precipitation Forecasts

IR Satellite Loops: Visible Satellite Loops: American Meteorological Society
U.S. Surface Observations
San Jose State University Meteorology
Franklin Institute Weather Links
UNISYS Weather
IPS Meteostar
Interactive Weather Maps (JAVA)
WeatherNet WeatherCams
NOAA Climate Prediction Center