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Current Conditions at Livermore Sandia

Readings taken on 01/04/2017 @ 00:30:00 Pacific (daylight) NOTE: DATA IS 2758D:5H:25M OLD.
The Sandia tower has been out of service since January 1 and will be down indefinitely.

Instrument (height) Plot Value      
Air Temperature (13m) Metdat plot icon 14.3 °C 57.8 °F
Max Temp. Today   °C - °F
Min Temp. Today   °C - °F
Max Temp. Yesterday   °C - °F
Min Temp. Yesterday   °C - °F
Relative Humidity (13m) Metdat plot icon 60.1 %  
Wind Speed (13m) Metdat plot icon 4.1 m/s 9.1 MPH
Wind Direction (from) (13m) Metdat plot icon 195 ° SSW
Peak Wind Gust (13m) Metdat plot icon 9.4 m/s 21.0 MPH
Atmospheric Pressure (above ground level) (13m) Metdat plot icon 989.0 mb 29.2 " Hg
P-G Stability Class (13m) Metdat plot icon C  
Precipitation (13m) Metdat plot icon 0.00 cm 0.00 in
Today   - cm in
Yesterday   - cm in
Site Information Longitude: 121° 42' 30.0" W
Latitude: 37° 40' 26.7" N
Elevation: 647 feet (197 meters)

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